Remember Me Thursday 2016

Meet our three rescued pups:  Clarence (yellow Lab), Judea (Dalmatian), and Heidi (Beagle).  Oh, yes - That's my husband, Jim, and me.  I often think that we didn't rescue our wonderful pups but it is they who rescued us.  They bring amazing light, joy, and love into our lives and teach us the power of unbreakable bond and unwavering forgiveness.  We are blessed to have these beautiful gifts and are made responsible for their safety and well being.  This we must NOT forget.

Remember Me Thursday is held the fourth week in September.  And, while we need to remember our furry, four-legged family members every day, today is marked as a special day.  We light a candle to honor the memories of the orphaned, abandoned, and/or adopted animals who have "found a home on earth only in our hearts, as well as [those] we have lost."   If you are like me and are an animal lover, you are invited to light your own candle or a virtual one on the Remember Me Thursday website.


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