Hogan's Hope - editing his story

Today as I started to take a hard look at the editing of Hogan's life story, I felt an overwhelming sense of intimidation and self doubt.  While I want to make his story real and personal, I know that I have to make some difficult decisions regarding the editor's wise and skilled recommendations.  Wow.  How do I get it done?  Then, just when I was feeling "low," several encouraging messages came across my path and prompted me to keep going and not give up.  "Nothing worth doing is ever easy", right?.  Someone else told me that "there are no good writers; only great editors."  And, as if those weren't encouraging enough, a FaceBook post said, "Never be ashamed of what you've been through.  God will use your story for His glory."  That's exactly what I want!  I want Hogan's story to be used for His wonderful glory.   I believe with all my heart that the Lord will guide me and give me the insight and words to bring Hogan's Hope, the book, to fruition.

I am extremely blessed.  Two amazing and talented people have come back into my life and are graciously willing to help.  With their insights, I have to put my pride aside and be ready to change, cut out, and rearrange.  I must humble myself to be open, to listen to constructive criticism and input, and to commit myself to the work.  It is a story worthy to be told, and it will happen.  

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