Progress on Hogan's Hope continues

I haven't posted for a week mostly because I have been studying, listening, learning, and working with my amazing editor, Deb Miles.  It's humbling to hear where improvements need to made or changes need to occur in my manuscript.  And, if I truly want Hogan's story to be told in the very best and engaging manner, I must be open and willing to put forth the effort.  I'd love to have it all done "tomorrow" but realize that taking the right amount of time to do it right will be in the long run the only way to go.  Not rushing will help ensure that Deb and I will produce the desired outcome in Hogan's legendary tale. 

I have to remember, too, that I am a first-time author and mustn't be too hard on myself - of course, I sometimes give in to the temptation to hit myself upside the head with criticism and doubt.  The other day when I was "beating myself up," I picked up D. Margaret Hoffman's book, Saving Our Lives.  What an inspirational boost!  We all have an author inside of us and forward I go to reach the goal of bringing hope into the lives of anyone in the quest for love and acceptance.  God bless you all.

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