Hogan's Hope - Rescuing the Abandoned

Daisy and my mother

Daisy and my mother

The Labor Day weekend has passed with most of us enjoying a holiday from work and with loved ones.  Friends and family often come together for that last summer picnic or cookout, even a trip to the beach, before the full-swing of school gets underway and the air begins to hint of fall.  But, for the abandoned pup, there was no holiday.  Too often loneliness and empty hours fill the day; and for our deaf pups silence penetrates the yearning for love and companionship.

Our Hogan came to us when he was 18 months old, and I believe that he rescued me more than the reverse.  He brought an enormous amount of unconditional love, endless joy, total acceptance and unbelievable understanding to my life.  Because of his impact on me and my family, he served as great encouragement to help other deaf pups.  

Daisy (pictured above) was a deaf puppy who was quite literally rescued moments before being killed by an angry, abusive boyfriend who had a history of destroying pets.  He was mad because she "wouldn't listen."  She was whisked out of the home late at night in the pouring rain and delivered to the arms of my parents who waited on the side of the road.  My mother often described the scene of meeting this courageous, unknown young woman, huddled close together in the drenching rain for what seemed like hours, and reassuring her that her beloved Daisy would always be safe.   After a few weeks of being fostered by my wonderful folks, Daisy did get adopted into a forever, loving home with a family who showered her with amazing love and attention.  Everyday became a holiday of her as she grew strong, learned American Sign Language, and felt pampered like every pup should.

I believe that our special pups do feel as if each day is a holiday when they are truly loved, cared for, and played with.  And, I know for sure that I am blessed with many more "holidays" because of the limitless love they give me.


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