In the News: The Love of Our Dogs

Picture from Life with Dogs: A World Leader in Dog News and Entertainment

Picture from Life with Dogs: A World Leader in Dog News and Entertainment

Looking at this picture reminds me just how devoted our pups become to us.  This special, homeless pup was reported to have waited for his chosen human, a flight attendant who regularly visited a particular hotel.  After giving him some loving attention, each time she arrived, there he was waiting - waiting for the love and attention she offered.  As reported:

"She came across the dog while walking around near her hotel in Buenos Aires.  [She] gave him some food and played with him, but she had no idea that he had more in mind.

“I tried to change my way because I didn’t want [him to] follow me back to the hotel.  “But it was not possible. He always came back and followed me. I tried one hour, but he always watched me and followed me. He was really happy that somebody gave him attention.”

It seemed he had fallen in love, and made himself at home outside the entrance of the hotel.  So she called him Rubio, and put an airline blanket outside to him a little warmer at night.

When Olivia returned home, she didn’t believe she’d see Rubio again.  However, she was shocked to find him waiting right where she’d left him the next time she was in Buenos Aires.

The hotel manager informally took him in, but he needed a real home.  A rescue group had arranged for him to be adopted, but Rubio quickly escaped and made his way back to the hotel.

[The flight attendant] could no longer avoid her fate, and she made plans to take him home, filling out all the necessary paperwork and taking him to the vet.  Last week he was transported to Germany" for his forever home.

We must never minimize the capability of our precious pets to love and remain attached to us in their hearts.  All of us need to remember, "All God's creatures, great and small."


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