Deaf pups can make wonderful playmates.

Judea is our third deaf pup who we rescued in 2010 when she was about 8-9 weeks old.  She came home to meet her new canine brother, Clarence, and they became instant companions.  Clarence was already a well-mannered pup who had been trained to serve as my service dog and he demonstrated great patience with this lively, little newcomer. 

Being deaf, quite frankly, causes Judea (AKA Judi) no limitations - only the ones that we humans place on her.  She was trained to be just as well-behaved and attentive as her big brother.  The only difference was that we used American Sign Language to communicate with her in combination with the spoken word.  She learned quickly, as did our other deaf pups, Hogan & Georgia, understanding many ASL words.  Her favorite is "cookie!"  "Kiss," "Sit, "Come," "Down," "Jump," "Play," "Eat," "Out," and "Walk" are only a few of the others.

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