Do our dogs understand our words?

#Hogan is watching intently to what he is being told.

#Hogan is watching intently to what he is being told.

So many times when I talk with folks about their pups, I hear things like, "I know he understands me when I talk to him," or "She knows every word that I am saying."  And, I agree! 

I have had many wonderful pups over the 67 years of my life; and I believe that, even though they didn't or don't have the ability to verbalize in the human language of speech, they did or do understand me when I talk to them.  How can anyone argue when they witness my Clarence (one of our 3 pups) fetching my slippers instead of my shoes, my shoes instead of my boots, or a note from my hubby who is upstairs.  But, there are those who doubt and think me to be "just another a silly #dog lover." 

I was reading on the Internet at the Huffington Post about a study on dogs' brains and the different areas of the brain that were used with different words, phrases, and intonations.  Part of it stated: 

"They found that the dogs processed the words and tone of voice separately, in different sections of the brain. When they heard the familiar “praise” words, the left hemisphere of their brains lit up — the same general location that humans use to process language. This occurred no matter what tone the trainer was using.

The #dogs appeared to register tone, however, in their right hemisphere. Again, this is in the same place that people do it."

Interesting, indeed!  Our beloved dogs' brains work similarly to us humans.  So, just because our loving dogs don't talk back, we need to consider that they may be understanding every word we say.  I wonder if that's why Jim and I have to spell words at times in order to avoid an explosion of excitement?

Enjoy each and every moment with your pup!




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