Summer Safety for our Pets

As I sit in my air conditioned home, I think about the heat and humidity that looms outside.  I also think about how my wonderful husband talked me into installing central air conditioning by appealing, not to my comfort, to the comfort of our pups.  He loves telling that story and always gains a good chuckle at his victory!

I know that many of us love including our pups, our pets, in our activities and taking them for rides in our cars.  What is of grave concern is the safety of our wonderful, loving family members when left alone in the vehicle.  On an 85-degree day, the temperaturein a car can rise to 102 degrees in less than 10 minutes! 120 degrees in less than 30 minutes.

In a very short period of time, our precious pups or pets can suffer irreparable brain damage and even death.  Heat and restricted ventilation interferes with their normal cooling process that is evaporation through panting.

Please do not leave your pup or pet in your car without supervision and monitoring.  Think about it.  If we would not sit in a car under these conditions, we must demonstrate the same care for our beloved our pups and pets.  We need to love our pups enough to leave them at home if we are unable to guard their safety and keep them cool.

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