Happiness with our Pets in 2017

Clarence "Baby Angel" Bombaci  June 5, 2003 - January 9, 2017

Clarence "Baby Angel" Bombaci

June 5, 2003 - January 9, 2017

I've been away from my computer for a while but am compelled today to write at least a few words to encourage everyone to enjoy every moment of the new year with our precious pets.  They give to us unreservedly and without question.  They give to us expecting nothing big in return--simply safety, shelter, nourishment, and love.  With our true and real love, we gain their gifts of deep devotion and loyalty.

I was the recipient of amazing love from a dog named Clarence.  He came into my life quite unexpectedly at the age of 4 months when he was going to be destroyed because he was no longer wanted.  We were suppose to foster him until a forever family could be found.  Well, God intended us to be his forever family, and Clarence (named for the angel in the movie It's a Wonderful Life) became a gift beyond belief.  At only a year of age, he easily trained into becoming my service dog. He often knew what I needed before I did and kept me safe, independent, and well-cared for everyday.  He loved working and side-by-side we literally traveled the country together on trains, planes, cars, buses, and boats.  Even on his last day, he tried with all his might to continue to work by handing me his food bowl. 

The years passed much too fast.  I promised to enjoy every second when I adopted him - or should I say he adopted me? I urge you to please embraced every moment.  Before you know it, 14 years will have gone by.  Fill them with fun, affection, and love.

Clarence was and always will be my Baby Angel and his happy attitude will live on in my heart and mind.  I cherished God's gift and treasure each memorable moment that Clarence and I shared and lived together.  His servant example is one from which we learn so much. 

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