Author Signings help dispel Deaf Dog Myths

Deaf dogs are too often labeled as being incapable of learning, aggressive, not a good match for children, and easily startled. As Judea, my 6-year-old deaf dog, and I make visits and see people of all ages and temperaments, these myths are all quickly proven to be untrue. Judea consistently displays a loving disposition and wants nothing more than to be touched. Some people may try to say that she is the exception but all my deaf dogs have been exactly the same in showing how wonderful they are as family members. What's important to remember, however, is that like our children, teaching polite manners, careful "listening," and correct responses are essential. Any dog can display good or not-so-good behaviors - it is up to us, the human, to train our dogs consistently and continually. The myths about deaf dogs are untrue unless we don't take our responsibility seriously. Solid communication is essential, endless training is non-negotiable, total acceptance is understood, and unconditional love is forever.

Thought: "Let a sleeping dog lie" did not come about because of deaf dogs.

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