Talking to the Animals


Talking with our pups may seem silly and sound funny to folks who don't have pets, but communication is the key to success in any relationship. My pup is deaf and I still talk to her. She responds to my facial expressions, feels my tone, and enjoys the time that I spend focusing my attention on her.  Sure, it all may seem one-sided, but there are many benefits that you may not even be aware.

First of all, talking with our pets is great for us! Yep! That's right. It's good for us. Our pets, hearing or non-hearing, pay very close attention to us. Talking about our daily events or our concerns and problems without being judged is actually quite helpful to our well being. Often, just putting our thoughts out on the table helps us to find a solution or merely some wonderful peace of heart. Relieving our stress is always good for our health!

Our bond with our pets—dogs, cats, horses, gerbils, etc.—is powerful. Love is the main reason that we adopt our wonderful family members. Companionship is also a compelling factor. By talking with our pets, we open up our minds, our thoughts, and our hearts even more than if we simply sit with no interaction. True relationships take real effort, dedicated time, and genuine devotion. Engaging them during moments when we aren't necessarily active with them creates quality moments and initiates communication that creates a two-way opportunity and reason to remain connected.

So, keep talking! We will be much better off and our beloved pets will smile with the feeling of being important to our lives.


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