My Dog Has Eaten Something Toxic. Now What?

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Induce Vomiting

While it's not a fun thing to do, we could save our pup's life if we know how.

As a family, we are extremely cautious in our home about keeping dangerous items away from our pups, but even we just had a scary event with our precious Judea. A bag of chocolates got left on the sofa by accident, and before we realized it, Judea had gobbled done the sweet treats. We had to take immediate, fast action to ensure her well being.

Getting our dogs to vomit isn't a pleasant thought but it might be a life-saving procedure.  And, there are three potentially life-saving steps we should all follow.

First Step: Get our dog to vomit

  1. As soon as it's discovered that our pup has eaten something harmful, administer 3% hydrogen peroxide. Give one teaspoon for every ten pounds of weight. Administer with a medicinal syringe, measuring carefully. Use an eye dropper if necessary.
  2. Place the syringe or eye dropper in the corner of the cheek and slowly release the liquid into the cheek pocket.
  4. Call the veterinarian.
  5. Walk our dog around which will help the stomach feel more like vomiting.
  6. Move our pup to an area that is easy to clean up., get veterinary care, and follow general guidelines on inducing vomiting.
  7. Sometimes giving a little bit of canned dog food will help bring on vomiting with the peroxide.
  8. If there is no vomiting after ten minutes or so, give another dose. Most veterinarians don't recommend a third dose.

Second Step:

  1. Take our precious pup to the veterinarian or emergency clinic.
  2. Let them examine and do a thorough assessment.
  3. Follow their directions carefully.
  4. Do not hesitate in getting to the vet's office, especially if the dog did not vomit.
  5. Take some of the vomit with you. If you can't get the vomit, take a picture of it with your cell phone or camera to show the doctor.

Third Step:

  1. Food moves from the dog's stomach and into the intestines after approximately two hours. Do not induce vomiting if two hours have passed since the ingestion of things such as chocolate, raisins, grapes, Tylenol, aspirin, antifreeze.
  2. DO NOT use ipecac or salt to induce vomiting. 
  3. Be aware of the medical condition of our pup.
  4. If our pup looks extremely ill or doesn't respond, DO NOT induce vomiting. Get the dog to the emergency clinic or veterinarian as fast as possible. Symptoms can include looking depressed, having seizures, slow heart rate, hard time breathing, and worst of all being unconscious. 

Summertime brings out all sorts of treats and sweets along with garden supplies and potentially dangerous chemicals, fertilizers, and liquids. Be sure to take extra precautions to keep our wonderful, furry family members safe—just like we would with our 2-legged toddlers.

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