In the News - Dog Stands Guard

Our #dogs are amazing and loyal creatures who possess the wonderful ability to teach us how to be genuinely and truly dedicated to one another.  We need to watch, listen, and learn.  This is demonstrated in a story of two lost pups who were rescued after being lost for a week.

Tillie, a red setter, stood guard over her friend, Phoebe, after she fell into an empty cistern.  Every day for a week, Tillie would leave to seek help and then return to the concrete structure to stay close to Phoebe.  People came forward and reported seeing the "red dog" after learning via social media that the two had been missing.  Volunteers went looking in the Washington mountains in search of the lost pups and found Tillie with her head resting on top of the wall.  Fortunately, while the pups were cold and hungry, both were well and reunited with their human family.

I am always encouraged with happy endings but even more inspired by the lesson of this heroic canine who remained steadfast in her task to stand guard for her friend.  I repeat - we need to watch and learn.  We must also remain loyal and not give up looking for our pups or #pets who may go missing.  They give us unwavering, unconditional love and loyalty; and it is our responsibility to return their blessings.  Hope endures for those who believe and invest their hearts.

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