Hogan's Hope, The Book in Editing

The dream of having our Hogan's legendary story of surviving horrific neglect and becoming a healthy, loving, and intelligent pup is coming alive in his book, Hogan's Hope.  Hogan's life helped change the untrue myths about deaf dogs and revealed how wonderful they can become through acceptance, adaptation, and unconditional love.

The editor is nearing her outstanding with proof reading, finishing touches, and publishing to follow.  We are not setting a launch date yet but promise to keep our followers up to date and in the loop.  Please stay tuned and spread the word.  Hogan's hope to make a difference will be realized. 

"There are none so deaf than those who refuse to hear." (adapted) Matthew Henry, Commentaries (1708-1710)

"Who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear." Jeremiah 5:21

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