Hogan's Hope Inspires Deaf Students

On Wednesday, May 24th Connie Bombaci and her deaf dog, Judea, visited the students at the American School for the Deaf to talk to the young learners about her newly published book titled “Hogan’s Hope: A Deaf Hero’s Inspirational Quest for Love and Acceptance.”  Hogan was a deaf dog who Connie rescued from being destroyed as most deaf animals are doomed.  After learning over 70 signs in ASL, he prevailed and soared to success – always keeping hope as his guiding light.

 The students at the American School for the Deaf were very privileged to have a visit from Judea the Dalmatian. What a wonderful treat this was for our students. When they found out that Judea was Deaf, just like them, they were completely enthralled by her and thrilled by being able to talk with a pet who could understand what they were saying through American Sign Language. 

Judea showed us how smart she is. She pushed a bone shaped lever and released food from a dispenser to feed herself. She also identified which cup had a treat hidden under it after Connie, Judea’s “mom”, shuffled three different cups. Judea was such a calming influence on the children. She loved all the attention and pets the children were more than eager to give her.  

The students were truly energized with excitement and expectation. The atmosphere in the room was magical and the promise of hope shined!

Librarian Maria Jacovino: "Judea’s visit was extra special for our children, but I would recommend her visiting any school environment. The book, Hogan's Hope: A Dead Hero's Inspirational Quest for Love and Acceptance, will be in the library soon."

Today's blog is an adaptation of an article in the ASD's weekly newsletter. Thank you to everyone at the American School for the Deaf for such an amazing day.


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