The Inspiration in Writing Hogan's Hope


[God is the only one who can make] the valley of trouble a door of hope.

Hosea 2:15

Writing the story of Hogan's life was more than accounting for the events of my special pup who brought so much into our life as a family. The writing was a journey - a journey through the daily events, the learning, and the discoveries of living with a beautiful, God-created being who, because of human breeding, was born deaf. I am not a writer by trade but a person who loves all creations and wants the world to know how amazing our deaf dogs truly are.

When Hogan came into my life, he was adopted as a brother to our very energetic and playful, black Labrador named India. And, for all of us, it was truly "love at first sight." Bringing Hogan home was nothing less than a magnificent blessing, and he gifted us with a greater understanding of what deaf dogs encounter in the human world - misunderstanding, rejection, and often destruction.

I continue to find it impossible to believe that there is any good reason for deaf dogs, any dog, to be destroyed, mistreated, or abandoned because of predetermined prejudice and misconception. Hence, one of my reasons to write the book, Hogan's Hope.  It tells the story of a deaf puppy who was rescued from neglect, adopted into a forever home, and went on to learn, grow, and demonstrate how extremely successful a "handicapped" dog can be in living a perfectly "normal" life.

Hogan provided the message of hope for a life filled with love and acceptance for many deaf dogs worldwide.  By telling his tale of valor, I believe that his courage to overcome challenges and human prejudice can continue to offer inspiration to anyone, human or pet, that accomplishment, success, and genuine love are truly possible.   Hence, my main reason for needing to write Hogan's Hope. Through his lifetime of determination, Hogan offers all of us the promise that we are capable of achieving any goal that we set for ourselves, no matter what our particular "obstacle." By holding onto hope, we receive the gift of inspiration and the greater belief that we, each and every one of us, are worthy of being loved and accepted. 

Anything is possible if we continue to hope.  Hogan never gave up his hope, and his dreams came true.  More than anything, I want his book, Hogan's Hope, to offer the insight into the world of true faith, unconditional love, and endless hope.

"Once you choose HOPE, anything is possible."

Christopher Reeve


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