Fact vs. Fiction in Using CBD Oil

Our deaf dog, Judea, is a candidate for CBD as she ages and her joints begin to ache.

Our deaf dog, Judea, is a candidate for CBD as she ages and her joints begin to ache.

iHeartdogs.com is an excellent source of information regarding our furry, four-legged family members. Their emails offer facts that help us sort things out or give useful tips when caring for our precious and beloved dogs.

I began taking CBD oil myself and found it to be a wonderful source of pain reduction. To help you determine whether or not to consider using it with your pup, I am sharing iHeart’s latest posting.

 “Are CBD sellers [truthful]...?”

“We get it, there's A LOT of talk going around the internet and by word of mouth about CBD – and therefore it can be hard to tell what's real.”

“There are indeed lies that some are spreading about CBD oil, and we want to address some of the most common:”

 [Myth] #1 – CBD Will Cure Anything That Ails My Dog

“We recommend referencing research and testimonials from pet owners to learn about what issues CBD can help. Studies have shown that CBD can help dogs with epilepsy and osteoarthritis.”

“Dog parents report many other benefits, including a reduction in anxiety and pain.”

 [Myth] #2 – CBD Is Illegal In My US State

“Unfortunately, many people confuse hemp with marijuana – they are two related but different plants. Hemp, with all its many uses, is the plant from which CBD is sourced and is legal in all 50 states. In fact, hemp has been a cash crop in the US for centuries!”

 [Myth #3] – CBD Is Psychoactive & Will Make My Dog “High”

“This [misconception] stems from the confusion between hemp and marijuana. It’s the THC in marijuana that gives people a high. CBD oil from hemp, however, contains less than 0.3% THC.”

“This trace amount of THC can be removed, which is best for pets – though we only know of one CBD oil that does this, and that's Cannanine™ Organic Hemp Oil with CBD!

CBD for the Fourth!

The Fourth of July is a sad day at shelters because they are overrun with confused dogs that have bolted from their homes as a result of the terrifying explosions in the sky.

CBD oil can calm and relax your dog so the fireworks don't have such a negative effect. “


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