Holiday Safety Thought #2

Christmas decorations create a beautiful and an almost magical display in our homes.  For us humans these pretty ornaments and plants are understood to be just that - decorations. However, our pets are often fascinated with these new "toys" that seem to them to offer fun, play, and even a treat to munch on.  Please take great care and protect your precious dogs, cats, and other pets!

Christmas trees need to be secured so they can't topple over if our pets try to jump on or climb.  Fast moving dogs can upside down an unsteady tree in a heart beat. Locate the tree where it is safe from exploring critters who are curious about an outdoor tree moving inside! Friends of mine placed their tree in their enclosed porch with glass doors. The humans get to enjoy it without worrying about their pets toppling their tree or, much worse, their beloved pet getting dangerously hurt.  

I knew that eating tinsel and various ornaments can cause intestinal blockages, but I never gave much thought to the needles of the real or artificial tree. They can perforate the intestines' wall and cause life-threatening leakages and infections. This is another big reason to locate our trees out of reach of our beloved pets.

Popcorn balls or strings are yummy temptations and can cause our pets to tug at the tree and destroy our lovely evergreen. Remember that mistletoe, holly, and poinsettia plants are toxic and will poison our loving, four-legged family members  

Electrical lights and cords can electrocute and kill when chewed on or strangle when played with and our pets get wrapped up. Secure all wires

Fires in the fireplace are cozy but please protect your pet from getting burned by placing a sturdy fire screen.  One of my pups loves the warmth so much that she gets much too close. Her tail could easily go up in flames if a safe barrier were not there to keep her out of harm's way.  This applies to burning candles as well.  Keep them up and away from your pets and the possibility of getting knocked over.  A friend's apartment went up in smoke quite literally from a candle being knocked over by a wagging tail.

A good rule of thumb is to think first and use only decorations that we are absolutely positive will not become a potential danger to our pets. Err on the side of caution every time. I would rather have a safe and happy holiday than one spent in the veterinarian's hospital.

God bless you all and have a blessed, peace-filled holiday. Thank  You 

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