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Children's Presentation of Hogan's Hope
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Children's Presentation of Hogan's Hope

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Connie, the award-winning author of Hogan’s Hope, and her deaf dog, Judea, will be visiting the Chester Library on September 29. Connie will be giving her inspirational presentation on hope and how we can all gain and give love and acceptance no matter what our challenge. She will show attendees how deaf dogs can learn to understand American Sign Language and perform other normal, doggie activities. Participants will watch first-hand just how wonderful deaf dogs can be and how, by choosing hope, their own dreams can come true, no matter what the challenge.

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Listen to Hogan's Hope of The Library Hop
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Listen to Hogan's Hope of The Library Hop

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Hang out. Stay a while. And learn more about the award-winning book, Hogan's Hope: A Deaf Hero's Inspirational Quest for Love and Acceptance. Listen on this outstanding internet radio station at

Welcome to The Library Hop, an internet-based radio station and a place dedicated to the histories, resources, and communities that surround the Public Libraries of Connecticut. 

Fun Fact: If you have a library card in Connecticut you can borrow items from ANY PUBLIC LIBRARY in the STATE!!!! 

Kate, the creator behind The Library Hop thinks that is SO cool and decided to develop a place to hang out, share stories and bring library friends together.

The Library Hop is here to foster solidarity in buildings old and new, welcoming all to places with sunny reading nooks or a spot to chat with a friend. We are here for the library love and glad you are here to join us.

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