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Hogan's Hope returns to Sun Rose Words and More
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Hogan's Hope returns to Sun Rose Words and More

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Fall Block Party Ocean City, NJ

Because of the overwhelming success at the June book signing event, the multi-award-winning author, Connie Bombaci, is returning to Sun Rose Words & More for the Fall Block Party. 

Asbury Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic from 5th – 14th. Streets on Asbury Ave. Over 400 crafters, food vendors, music, and more. In the evening, fireworks over the boardwalk from 6th – 14th Streets. 


Hogan's Hope returns to Sun Rose!

The award-winning author, Connie Bombaci, will be signing her book, Hogan's Hope. Personalized copies make wonderful gifts, and shoppers can get a very special present as well as an early start on holiday shopping.

Hogan's Hope is the inspirational story of a deaf dog who escaped death during the time when the prevalent belief was that deaf dogs needed to be destroyed. It is the tale of a legendary deaf canine champion who endured severe abuse and prevailed as he turned upside down the myths of deaf dogs being dumb, difficult to train, and harmful. Hogan learned over seventy words in American Sign Language, engaged in normal puppy activities, and provided the hope of life, not death for deaf dogs worldwide. Through perseverance and enduring hope, Hogan's courage provided inspiration to anyone, human or pet, that success and genuine love are truly possible. This heroic deaf dog continues to reveal that by choosing hope, anyone's dreams can come true, and the world can be filled with steadfast faith, pure joy, and unconditional love. It's a story like none other.

Profits from the sales of the book, Hogan's Hope, will be donated to non-profit animal organizations such as the OCNJ Humane Society and deployed service personnel. 

“Dive into this wonderful book and learn more about this intrepid pair as well as the power of love and persistence against seemingly stacked odds. Sit! Read! Enjoy!” 
- Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, Professor Emeritus, Animal Behaviorist, Tufts University

“One of the most emotionally satisfying and enriching books I have ever read”
- Rosie Malezer, Readers Favorite

Hogan appeared on television shows including Dateline NBC, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures, Amazing Tails, and others.
Awards and recognitions include: 
2018 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Medalist
2018 Dan Poynter Legacy Award, for Non-Fiction
2018 Global Ebook Awards, Gold for Book Trailer
2018 Global Ebook Awards, Gold for Non-Fiction Animals/Pets
2018 Next Generation Indie Book Award, Winner for Animals/Pets
2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Finalist for Inspirational Non-Fiction
2018 International Book Awards, Finalist for Narrative Non-Fiction Animals/Pets
2017 Kindle Promos First Place
2017 Best Book Award-winning Finalist
Readers’ Favorite Five-Star review
The Book Designer’s Gold Star for eBook Cover

For more information call 1-800-BEACH-NJ.

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Children's Presentation of Hogan's Hope
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Children's Presentation of Hogan's Hope

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Connie, the award-winning author of Hogan’s Hope, and her deaf dog, Judea, will be visiting the Chester Library on September 29. Connie will be giving her inspirational presentation on hope and how we can all gain and give love and acceptance no matter what our challenge. She will show attendees how deaf dogs can learn to understand American Sign Language and perform other normal, doggie activities. Participants will watch first-hand just how wonderful deaf dogs can be and how, by choosing hope, their own dreams can come true, no matter what the challenge.

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Church Craft Fair
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Church Craft Fair

The women at the First Presbyterian Church in Newark, Delaware will be holding their annual craft at the church building. Author Connie Bombaci will be present with the Christian edition of her award-winning book, Hogan's Hope. Customers will be able to have books personalized and ready for Mother's Day!

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