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Born the runt of the litter in a puppy mill and christened Number 10, the tiny Dalmatian pup hardly stood a chance at a normal life. Not only was he born deaf, but he was also quite small. Not permitted indoors, he suffered horrific beatings whilst being caged outdoors with no shelter or warmth. After being rescued and rehomed, Number 10 was renamed after being adopted by a kind and loving family. Now known as Hogan, his life was about to change tenfold, as his new family acknowledged his deafness and helped him work through his residual fears, as they learned and taught basic commands in American Sign Language, and turned this scrawny, bruised and beaten canine victim into a happy, healthy survivor. 

The moment I saw the premise of Hogan’s story, I had never wanted to read any book so badly before in my life. Connie Bombaci’s story of Hogan – a Dalmatian pup which had withstood all the odds and became a beacon of hope for so many – moved me to tears. Seeing how horrifically an animal could be treated gave me chills, whilst clenching my fists at the same time. I saw Hogan’s rescue from such a horrific place to be a true blessing. Being Deaf, I know the challenges and prejudices that stem from audism and surdophobia, and could not help but rejoice as I experienced Hogan’s transformation from scared victim in a world devoid of trust, to a confident, devoted and loving pet which lived and gave his all for his human and animal friends and family. One of the most emotionally satisfying and enriching books I have ever read, Hogan’s Hope: A Deaf Hero’s Inspirational Quest for Love and Acceptance is a tale which I not only enjoyed, but also recommend to readers aged over 15 years, so that they can see that deafness does not create boundaries in any species – it is how you interact and embrace those who are deaf which makes all the difference in their silent world.

- Rosie Malezer for Reader’s Favorite

Dan Blanchard -Award-Winning Author, Speaker and Educator who has appeared on over 100 tv and radio shows! 

The world is a tough place for anything just trying to live its life! Connie Bombaci's wonderful and inspiring book, " Hogan's Hope" offers a whole lot of hope that there is room for all living things to grow, and not just to survive, but to thrive in this tough complicated world riddled with despair, tragedies and misconceptions. Whether you're a dog lover or not, pick up a copy of Connie Bombaci's, "Hogan's Hope" because it shows a better path to improving ourselves, and humanity. 

5.0 out of 5 stars

Brian Jud is the Executive Director of APSS, Author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books

As the current recipient of a rescued dog, this book had particular relevance for me. Some people simply discard their pets if they are less than perfect. But this story represents all that could be good in the world if we simply learn to help those less fortunate – human or animal. It proves that by helping those in need, we also help ourselves.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Killingworth Public Library  September 25, 2017 rated it Five Star

Inspiring. Truly inspiring.
Witnessing Connie interact with her dogs is absolutely an amazing experience.
The love, the respect, the connection come across in every touch, every gesture.
I had the privilege of seeing Hogan and Connie working together as they visited my classroom years ago. And the privilege continues as I see Connie and Judea meeting new friends at the Library where I now work.
It is no wonder Hogan's Hope is meeting with such success - the story of Connie and her special pup is truly a love story.
A story that reaches out not only to dog lovers but to anyone with a heart.

5.0 out of 5 stars       Hogan is a Keeper!

D. Margaret Hoffman  Award-Winning Author April 28, 2017

Some people saw Hogan only as a dog with a disability, imperfect, a throwaway. Connie saw him as a champion who happened to be deaf. Her love and patience helped Hogan to achieve more than even she ever dreamed. Using sign language, Connie was able to train and communicate with Hogan so that he not only lived his best possible life, but also brought joy to others. Now Hogan lives on in these pages to inspire us all, proving to each new reader that a focus on our abilities is what makes life beautiful. Read this book. It will make your day.

Deborah Cappa-Kotulski rated it Five Star

I recently attended a book signing at a local book store and although I decided to attend this event due to the fact Shawn Flynn, the author who wrote The Kitty Who Rescued Me After I Rescued Him, was going to be there I was so very lucky that Connie Bombaci was also there signing copies of Hogan's Hope.  After I heard this wonderfully kind-hearted woman speak about Hogan's life before she adopted him and the amount of love, patience and understanding that went into having Hogan as part of her family I had to buy her book. Being an avid animal lover and a person who wears her heart on her sleeve the story of Hogan's rough (to say the least) start in life was a little hard to read but once rescued out of his hellish beginnings and with every turn of the page as you read about his adoption and his life with Connie and his new family happiness, unconditional love and hope replace the sadness you felt for Hogan.  Connie's writing gives insight into Hogan's world where although he couldn’t hear the conventional way he heard with his heart and his soul.  This is a wonderful book about an incredible dog who accomplished amazing things and touched so many lives and about the people who loved him dearly.  After reading this book, and although regrettably I never met this handsome, regal dog, I am now one of those people who consider myself someone who loves him and I know anyone who reads this book will feel the same way.