Hogan's Hope:

A Deaf Hero's Quest for Love and Acceptance

"I encourage all of you to dive into this wonderful book and learn more about this intrepid pair. It will teach you about the beauty of a perfect relationship between two completely different species and the oneness of life on this planet as well as the power of love and persistence against seemingly stacked odds. Sit! Read! Enjoy!"

-Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, Professor Emeritus, Animal Behaviorist, Tufts University, Boston MA

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HOGAN'S HOPE: A Deaf Hero's Inspirational Quest for Love and Acceptance

Deaf dogs are often destroyed, mistreated, or abandoned.  Hogan’s Hope is the tale of a legendary deaf canine hero who, after being rescued from neglect, prevailed as he learned over 65 signs in American Sign Language and thereby providing the hope of life for many deaf dogs worldwide.  His courage to overcome challenges and prejudice continues to give inspiration to anyone, human or pet, that accomplishment, success, and genuine love are truly possible.   Through his lifetime of determination, his story offers us the promise that we are capable of achieving an amazingly “ordinary” life and a life away from isolation.  From hardship to success, hope gave the inspiration for overcoming any challenge.  His journey of valor reveals dreams come true and offers insight into the world of true faith, unconditional love, and endless hope.  Indeed, it is a story that needs to be told.  Read and gain immeasurable hope!                       

"There are none so deaf than those who refuse to listen."

(adapted) Matthew Henry, Commentaries, (1708-1710)

"Who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear"

Jeremiah 5:21

The book is now available for purchase at:

  • Breakwater Books, Guilford, CT

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It is a wonderful story that describes the life of our deaf canine hero who gave life and hope to deaf pups all over the world.


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